Decks Ottawa installs and incorporate LED lighting to feature the beauty and enhance the elegance or your yard. 

Extend your summer parties throughout the night with LED deck lights

Decks Ottawa installs and incorporate LED lighting to feature the beauty and enhance the elegance or your yard. 

Deck Lighting Without an Electrician

Thanks to modern technology decks can be well lit and have a sleek look without the need for electricians, wiring and permits!  This is great news for your bank account.  

Deck Lighting Products 

  • Accent Lights
  • In deck lighting
  • Coping light
  • Riser/Stair lighting
  • Under rail lighting

Advantages of LED technology

At night time just a small amount of light is required to brighten up the area.  LED technology uses a fraction of the electricity of a traditional light which means solar and battery powered products are viable solutions.  This has huge implications on your Ottawa deck budget because no wiring, electrician or inspection is required.  It truly is a remarkable technology.  

That being said, wired deck lights provide a better and longer lasting solution.  Wired products are better designed, more powerful and consumer grade.  It’s important to have choice.  With a project from Decks Ottawa you get the best advice on which products suit your needs. 

Smart Phone and Remote LED Light Control

Modern LED products have remote controls that allow you to adjust timers, on/off features, brightness and even change the colour.  Decks Ottawa offer products that let you control all the lighting features from your WiFi enabled smartphone.  It is definitely a feature you are going to want to show off when you entertain.

Change the mood with colour changing lights

Entertaining on your patio on July 1st?  Celebrate in style by changing your deck lighting to red.  With LED technology you can celebrate any holiday in style with many different colours  to accent your party.

LEDs don’t attract bugs

It’s not secret Ottawa has a lot of mosquitoes!  Traditional light bulbs attracts mosquitoes and moths.  With LED technology, bugs aren’t attracted to the light which means you get to keep the party outside long after the sun goes down. 

Warning to consumers

Not all LED deck lights are created equal.  There are lots of offshore LED products that are available for a super low cost.  These lights provide tremendous value but often times have a limited lifespan and do not handle the temperature of an Ottawa winter very well.  With LED technology you get what you pay for when it comes to longevity, so just be weary of prices too good to be true. 

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