When you are planning to hire a deck builder in Ottawa for a project, you should start by asking friends and acquaintances about companies they have used. When you have shortened your list of possible contractors, it is good to have prepared a list of questions to help you make a decision.

What to ask when hiring a deck builder in Ottawa.


Some contractors only work with one or two types of decking materials. If you have decided on one of those, you can go forward, but you may need to look further if you are interested in hearing about other options. Don’t let them experiment with your deck if you can avoid it.


Some companies do the work with in-house crews. These people are the employees of the contractor. Other companies will subcontract the work or use another company for the labour. Generally, it is better to use the crew from the contractor since they will better understand their work quality.


Will there be a single point of contact at the office and on-site?  


A deck is an investment in your home and landscaping. The products should carry a manufacturer’s warranty, but the builder should also offer a warranty for the workmanship.


A legitimate company will be licensed and carry appropriate insurance. They should be able to produce those documents and any other credentials.

Time in business

If they are experienced contractors, they should have a history in your community. Also, find out how long they have been constructing decks, specifically. They are less likely to have legal issues pending and be familiar with the local regulations about permits and other issues.


Online reviews and references are important. Call the previous customers and, if possible, look at their finished products.


Everyone has had a point where something goes wrong. Ask for a specific example and how the contractor resolved the issue.


Be sure the contractor will secure any necessary permits and who will liaison with the homeowners association, if applicable.

The finished product

Be sure you understand what the finished deck will look like, including railings and any seating. You should have a sketch that you can refer to if you are confused.


Ask where they will get their materials and if you can latch onto any builders’ discounts.


Understand when the work will begin and should end and how any leftover materials and debris will be handled.


Ask about a deposit, its amount and when it is due. You also should verify the payment options.

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