When you start to plan your home’s wood deck in Ottawa, you may think there are only a few choices for the wood. Pressure-treated pine is fine for the supports and frame since it will repel pests and resist rotting. However, for the deck and railings, choose something durable but attractive.

Type of wood for decks in Ottawa.


This is a hardwood that comes from South America. It is highly resistant to rot and insects, but it is so hard that it is difficult to work with. Since the use of rainforest wood is controversial, be sure it has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approval.


Cedar is a domestic wood that also is long-lasting. It handles rain, sun, heat and cold. As it ages, it turns gray and excessive moisture will make it black. A good clear sealant should help keep the red colour when it is built.


This is another tropical hardwood. Again, be sure it contains the FSC blessing to be sure it has been harvested responsibly.


This will give an exciting look to your deck. Colouring and grain from this South American import, also called Brazilian Koa wood, can vary with each board. That means the degree of hardness or softness also varies, so builders are not very fond of it. It can also be sold as Zebrawood, which is another striped product.

Which one is the best option?

Speak with your contractor about their experience with the various options for wood, both from a durability and an aesthetic standpoint. Wood is graded by hardness on the Janka scale, with a lower number indicating a softer wood. This can also help guide you.

Before ending, know that there are also available synthetic materials. Usually a polymer or wood-polymer composite, these can be made to look very much like natural wood if you have them painted or stained.

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