Adding a deck to your Ottawa home means many decisions. Many Ottawa homeowners are looking to add a deck. Deciding what kind of deck you want and how to build it can be overwhelming, but you can make the process more manageable with these guidelines.

Things to consider when building a deck in Ottawa.


The deck is more than an addition to the house; it can be an extra living area from spring through fall. With the addition of heaters or a fire pit, you can enjoy it almost year-round. Part of the process is to understand if your primary purpose is entertainment or just family fun. It can also be a refuge at the end of a long day or even your auxiliary “office” for remote working. With the full scope of your planned usage, you can begin.


Depending on the layout of your yard and the design of your home, the placement may be obvious. At other times, you may have several choices. Part of the decision will include:

  • The direction of the sun.
  • Size of the available space and wall space of the house.
  • Wind patterns.
  • Maximizing the view.
  • Minimizing the neighbours’ view.
  • Access from the house and yard.


Determine the amount of money you can allocate to this project. Be sure to include unexpected overruns, labour costs, permits, and any extras like lighting.


If you think you want to tackle this on your own, you will need to have construction skills, all of the tools necessary, and the time to devote to building a sturdy and usable deck. It may be more efficient and cost-effective to hire a contractor.


Wood decks in Ottawa are the usual choice, but the market offers a number of options like plastic or metal. Some of the things to consider are:

  • Pressure-treated products for weather resistance
  • Premium hardwoods, often from South America
  • Composites made from recycled materials
  • PVC planks resist insects and rot, but these are on the pricier side and can be hot during the summer
  • Aluminum for slip resistance


Start with the home’s architectural style and move from there. Decks don’t need to be square or rectangular. They can follow the shape of the house for some attractive decorating options. They can be multi-level, and the projection can even be curved.


You can simply string some lights around the exterior, which is fine, but there are many more options. Most of these can be electrical or solar-powered.

  • Stairs
  • Path
  • Overhead
  • Post-mounted
  • Wall


You can construct many items directly into the deck or side of the house. This includes perimeter seating that can double as storage with hinged seats, planters, shelving, counters for food prep or cooking, etc.


When choosing the location, be cognizant of privacy for you and your neighbours. They won’t appreciate it if your upper-level deck looks into their bedroom, or you won’t like it if they ogle your parties. If necessary, consider privacy screens or latticework to help.


You may need a building permit and possibly approval from a homeowner’s association. If you are doing this independently, you will have hoops to negotiate. A contractor will either help with the process or include it in the service.

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