Composite deck building material is made from modern plastics and has the appearance of real wood without the rot, decay and maintenance. Material cost is more expensive but composite materials will last for over 25 years without and sanding, staining or painting.

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I can’t believe it’s not real wood!

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Composite deck building material is made from plastic and has the appearance of real wood without the rot, decay and maintenance.  The trade off for these features is the cost.  The price of an Ottawa deck built from composite materials doubles the cost of installation. 

Why are composite decks so much more expensive?

The short answer is that they cost more to manufacture.  The increase in cost is related to the materials used and not so much the labour of building the deck.    If you were to refinish your deck every 2 years, Decks Ottawa estimates the cost of sanding and staining at approximately $800 for a 200 square foot deck.  That works out to $400/year and when compared to the 25 year lifespan of a composite deck… are they really more expensive? 

The upfront costs are higher yes but the time and money spent on wood backyard decks do add up. It’s more realistic that Ottawa customers only refinish their decks every 5 years so you will have to consider all factors to get a true comparison on price.

What is the advantage of building a composite deck?

The biggest advantage is the zero maintenance required.  Unless stained bi-annually, natural wood will fade and rot as it is exposed to UV light and moisture.  Never having to deal with shrinking and fading wood is a really nice feeling.               

Ottawa winters put decks under harsh conditions in terms of temperature and moisture exposure.  With composite decks you won’t have to worry about shrinking or twisting wood, splinters, or fading.  The durability of composite decks is significantly higher when compared to wood decks. 

Outdoor products get a lot of exposure to UV light.  Composite decks have a coating which blocks the UV light from the sun, resulting in a bright deck with the original color that is guaranteed for years after it was installed. 

Are there any negatives with a composite deck?

Composite deck material is really a fancy way of saying plastic!  Being that it is not real wood, some composite deck material look like real wood and some just look cheap.  So when shopping for your deck it is important to look at the aesthetic aspect of the material.  

If it’s wet outside composite decks can become slippery.  If it’s raining outside then you probably won’t be using your deck, but it is an important point to consider.  

Old wood can be sanded and stained to look as good new!  With composite decks once it shows signs of wear or gets damaged there is no option other than covering up the affected area, replacing the damage or living with it (all aren’t ideal solutions).  If you take care of your deck then it won’t be an issue and the material used in composite decks is incredibly durable.

Composite Deck Manufacturers Available In Ottawa

Fiberon Composite Deck Material

TimberTech & AZEK Composite Deck Material

TREX Composite Deck Material

Deck Ottawa is a deck building contractor with lots of experience building wooden and composite decks. We design your project for you from start to finish. When it comes to how your family lives with regards to, price, lifestyle, entertainment, we consider all factors when working on your deck project.

Composite decks are an amazing new product that are easy to clean, require no maintenance, and have no exposed nails or screws. Going with a composite deck means no more rotting wood or splinters… never again.


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