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Deck are usually built higher to enhance the view of your property and add dynamic places for different scenes

You Shouldn’t Feel Exposed On Your Deck

 Deck are usually built higher to enhance the view of your property and add dynamic places for different scenes. Oftentimes this high advantage can leave us feeling vulnerable as you can be seen by neighbours and dog walkers.  If this sounds like your experience then you should think about incorporating a privacy element in your Ottawa deck design.

Privacy Options For Your Deck

Decks Ottawa can provide enough privacy so you can relax and feel comfortable without making your property look like Fort Knox. What are some ways we can incorporate privacy in your deck design?

    Staggered Fencing

    Having a fence that starts off high (close to the house) and gradually gets lower near the end of your property is a great way of getting real privacy while not compromising your neighbours view. 

    Lattice and Vines

    Lattice provides excellent privacy while allowing you to see through and converse with neighbours.  Lattice is an excellent material for incorporating natural privacy with climbing vines or shrubs.  Natural privacy is always a softer more gentle approach to solving privacy concerns.

    Privacy Fence

    Maybe your property back onto a busy parking lot or you’ve just got mean neighbours.  Some Ottawa customers want true privacy in their yard.  Privacy fences can be built to the required height and density to keep your yard safe and visibility low. 

    Fabricated and Ecological (Green) Privacy Solutions

    Decks Ottawa has lots of options available for customers who want privacy but are building their deck in a more exposed areas.  Our designers can get you the privacy you desire with architectural solutions, hybrid designs or through nature with trees, shrubs and vines. 

    When building privacy decks and fences it is important to consider all aspects of the design.  You don’t want to box yourself in, and it is wise to be considerate your neighbours and their view too.  Decks Ottawa has a team dedicated to advising and helping you make these kinds of decisions. 

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