Pressure Treat Wood Deck

Pressure treated decks are affordable, in fact it is the cheapest wood available. It offers incredible value as the treatment process helps fight against rot and decay.

Budget Friendly Deck Material

Is your Ottawa deck-building project on a budget? Pressure treat wood deck is an affordable option, in fact, it is the cheapest wood available, and the treatment process it goes through at the mill makes it incredibly resistant to weathering.

What are the pros of using pressure treated wood for your deck?

  • Pressure treat wood decks are used anywhere outdoors, where moisture is present or in soil. With these kinds of applications it is a very popular building material for decks, pergolas, and sheds. 
  • The chemicals used to seal pressure treated wood helps to prevent weathering and acts an insecticide giving it added value.
  • Pressure treated wood has a long warranty protecting Ottawa homeowners against fungus and termites after their deck is finished.
  • With regular maintenance a deck made from pressure treated wood can last up to 30 years but that would require staining it bi-annually which over a 30 year period could add up fast.

Factors to Consider

Pressure treat wood deck has residual moisture which means that over time it shrinks more than more expensive woods.  The price of treated wood from the lumber yard can vary in price by as much as 50% so make sure to do your homework on the quality of pressure treated wood you want to use for your deck building project. 

We are Ottawa deck building experts and would love to answer any questions you might have about the price, availability and quality of pressure treated woods.  The chemicals used in processing pressure treat wood deck reacts with UV light often times turning it grey over time.  

Pressure Treated Wood Deck Summary

People choose pressure treat wood for their deck building project for its strength against the Ottawa weather and its low cost.  As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to choosing pressure treated wood.  However the low cost and strength has some trade offs in that it can shrink over time and will discolour. Despite this it is still one of the most popular wood choices for deck building. 

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Pressure Treat Wood Deck

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