Cedar is one of the most popular fencing materials in Ottawa because it is affordable and has many natural qualities. Growing natively in the north east it is affordable and has a natural resistance to weathering making it great for building decks and gardens.

The Most Popular Fence Choice In Ottawa

Cedar is one of the most popular fencing materials in Ottawa because it is affordable and has many natural qualities that make it resistant to rot, insects and weathering.  People also love cedar for its distinctive red colour, wood grain and smell.   

Advantages of Cedar Fencing

  • Won’t warp from moisture
  • Characteristics that make it repellent to insects and bacteria
  • Low maintenance compared to other woods


Natural Wood Beauty

If the goal of your fence is that of a classic look then cedar is the right choice.  It has deep red wood grain and as your product ages you’ll be complimented from your neighbours for years to come.  

Durable & Strong Cedar Fence

Cedar has a lot of oils inside the wood and this characteristic provides a natural stain and protects it from bugs, rot and decay.  It also means that over time it shrinks less than cheaper varieties of wood and warping is a rare occurrence. 

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Pressure Treated




Built To Fit In With The Ottawa Landscape

Cedar wood comes from North Eastern region of North America so choosing a locally sourced product matches the local ecology in Ottawa.  It is also a highly sustainable type of wood so rest assured it is an environmentally friendly choice as well.  

Cedar Fencing Contractors

Cedar fences are relatively low maintenance and are perfect for the customer who wants to stain it every few years or the customer who wants a natural untreated look.  Cedar as a fencing material is a great choice for almost any type of customer Decks Ottawa has.

Decks Ottawa has been building fences, decks and Ottawa landscaping projects since 2005.  Our warranty coverage is very extensive and customer service combined with quality craftsmanship is out number one goal.  

Cedar Fencing Contractors

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