Iron Fence

Iron fences have been used since the Victorian era, and many of those fences are still standing today

The timeless and classic look of iron fences

Iron fences have been used since the Victorian era, and many of those fences are still standing today.  Their ornate features and beautiful finishes make iron fences a perfect choice for clients looking to build a fence lasting half a century.  Decks Ottawa installs iron fences and has been satisfying clients since 2005.

Unblemished Views

Does your yard have a great view of a park or the Ottawa river?  Iron fences provide the security you desire without obstructing your view like opaque wooden fences.  They also don’t obstruct the wind so you will get to enjoy the cool summer breeze every day. 

No Painting, No Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of iron fences over wood is that they don’t require painting or staining!  Even after 30 years your fence will still have a great appearance with NO maintenance.  Over time your iron fence might show rust spots but most fences just require a quick touch up with spray paint.  Go out in your neighbourhood and see how the iron fences are holding up when compared to nature products like wood.

Pool Fencing in Ottawa

Iron fences are the most popular choice in Ottawa for fencing in pools for bylaw requirements.  They allow an unobstructed view of the pool and keep children and pets safe.  If you have question about the laws in Ottawa around fencing in a pool call Decks Ottawa to get your questions answered.  


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