Thanks to the low maintenance of PVC fencing is a really popular material in Ottawa despite the high cost

Thanks to the low maintenance of PVC fencing is a really popular material in Ottawa despite the high cost.  No painting, staining or other labour is required and this kind of fence doesn’t splinter, crack shrink or fade. 

Are PVC Fences Really More Expensive

The cost of the material for a PVC fence is at least double that of pressure treated wood.  Over the long run, a PVC fence is a cheaper option despite its higher initial investment.  Standard wood fences need to be replaced every 25 years or so but a PVC fence can last twice that long.  Also, for a wood fence to last 25 years it needs stained or painted every few years.  When you consider time, money and labour its adds up over the lifespan of the fence.   

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PVC Fencing Advantages:

  • Durability: These modern marvel are resistant to peeling, rusting and rot. The product is designed to be resistant to UV light and guaranteed to not stain or fade.
  • Low Maintenance: No staining, no painting. A quick hose down is all you need to take care of your PVC fence every year. 
  • Exceptional Value: Despite increased initial costs a PVC fence is something that gets cheaper the longer you have it installed for.

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