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Following the information provided on this page will help you get a high quality contractor working on your deck project

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Following the information provided on this page will help you get a high quality contractor working on your deck project.  Finding the right contractor takes time.  Contractors can be selective in what jobs they take on, and this is a good thing.  You don’t want a big company taking on a small that doesn’t match the scale of their business.  Just like dating, it might take a few tries before you find the perfect match!

Step 1 Ask Around

The best way to find a good deck contractor is through recommendations.  Asking friends, family and Facebook is a great way to obtain honest feedback about what it was like to work with a contractor.  Were they clean and friendly, or were they not pleasant to work with?  Asking people you know lets you actually see the work that was done.  At this time you can check the small finishing details and see the skill level of the contractor involved.  Checking out a companies portfolio is a great way to see some of their deck projects but these are obvious only going to highlight the best work. 

Step 2 Online Presence

Searching Google for “Ottawa Deck Contractor Name” is an excellent way to see what people are saying about them.  Places like Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau and Facebook turns up all kinds of information about contractors.  Online reviews aren’t always objective so don’t rely exclusively on them when making your decision.  At Ottawa Decks we strive, and ask, for a 5 star review on every project we accept.  Out reputation matters and companies that don’t care about their public rating should be avoided.

Step 3 Call or Meet With Potential Contractors

It’s important to have a good relationship with the contractor you choose.  Call your short listed candidates and have them visit your house for a consultation.  This is not a design, and no reputable company will charge for this.  During this meeting ask them questions, get their opinions and advice.  Once you have met with all the contractors, see whose ideas made the most sense and connected with your vision.  Meeting the Decks Ottawa sales team will leave you confident in our skills, abilities and commitment to customer service. 

Step 4 Ask 101 Questions

As a deck builder we might take our knowledge for granted.  It is important the customer understand what is involved and remember there are no dumb questions.  We gladly spend the time answering your decking questions and address concerns about our credentials. 

Here are some excellent questions you NEED to ask potential deck contractors:

How long have you been in business? 

What is the warranty on your deck?

What materials can you build with?

What licenses do you have?

Can you show me proof of insurance?

Are your workers covered under WSIB?

Can I contact your previous clients?

Have you worked with the material I want to use for my project?

Other Helpful Tips


Communication is a 2 way street.  Both the customer and deck contractor should try to answer each other in a timely manner.  Contact information should be written down so that if issues need to be addressed (in either direction) you can get the right person to help you.  You can always call our office in Ottawa if you have anything that needs communicated. 


Get It In Writing:

Everything needs to be in writing! Like communication this is also a 2 way street. It isn’t a personal issue or about trust.  Getting things in writing protects all parties by clearly outlining and defining specific requirements and expectations.

Follow our advice and finding a professional Ottawa Deck Contractor is guaranteed.

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