Deck Permits

In all seriousness we can only assess permit applications upon seeing the project in person

Deck Permits

This Is Not Legal Advice (if it was it would be attached with a bill).

In all seriousness we can only assess permit applications upon seeing the project in person. This page is for general inquiries.

As per the City of Ottawa website (the authority on the subject) a permit is required for deck’s attached to a building with a surface 24” above the grade.  Detached decks 24” above the grade, larger than 10 square metres require a permit. 

Ottawa Deck Permit Fees

The minimum fee when applying for an Ottawa Deck Permit is $80, but expect to budget ~1% of the total project cost for permits and inspections.  The review period usually is completed in 5 business days.     

There are other important laws pertaining to building a deck like joist size, beam size, foundations, and guard requirements. 

Deck Inspections Ottawa

At each stage of the building (foundation, framing, final) our deck building must be inspected to make sure is safe, and meets the Ontario Building Code. This ensures public safety and ensure the decks are engineered to specification, grade and load requirements.  Often times this bureaucracy is viewed as a nuisance, but this process has a benefit of protecting homeowners from unsavoury contractors.  Ensuring public safety is the goal of the project.

Decks Ottawa contractors are trained in what permits and inspections are required and can answer any questions you might have.  We can also help you determine if your deck meets the city of Ottawa’s deck zoning requirements.

Decks Ottawa takes care of all the permits, zoning and inspections so you don’t need to worry.  We provide you with a record of each required step (this is important if you ever sell your home).

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