Design Process

The first step in designing your Ottawa deck project is a meeting in your home to go over some of the basic question that need to be addressed


What kind of materials does Decks Ottawa build with?

Decks Ottawa builds with a number of different materials depending on the client’s budget and style. The cheapest material is pressure treated wood and more expensive materials are composite, aka PVC. There is nothing wrong with using a cheaper woods they just require some maintenance every few years to help it stand up against moisture and decay.

What is the Decks Ottawa warranty?

Decks Ottawa offers a 3 year warranty on workmanship and defects related to building. Our products (lumber and composite decks) each have their own warranty which will be provided to you with your invoice.

How long has Decks Ottawa been in business?

A division of A&Z Interlock we have been been in business since 2005. Through our amazing deck building work and great customer service we plan on being in business for another 15 years!

How do I prepare for a deck estimate?

Draw a sketch of your yard. Even if you can’t draw a stickman it’s good to get something out. When we arrive we help clean up your deck drawing. Be prepared to answer lifestyle questions about your family, cooking and entertainment habits. Do you want lots of sun or shade? Do you cook in the house or BBQ? Do you spend time on your deck in the evening (bugs!). Have a rough idea of what you want to spend on this project. Budgets can change depending on the size of your deck and materials you choose. But understanding the numbers helps us set realistic project goals. We can work with your budget in creative ways to try and get you the deck you want.

How much does a deck design cost?

Deck Ottawa meets with you at your home for free. During this visit we can discuss the size of your deck, materials to be used, and sketch something on paper for you to visualize before we continue. For a digital 3D mock up in a CAD program we charge a deposit of $250 for this service. When we sign a contract for the deck to be build this deposit it removed from the invoice.

Are composite decks maintenance free?

Yes they are as in they don’t need to be sanded and sealed. Manufacturers will recommend you spray on deck cleaner and hose it off once a year. Is this deck maintenance? Yes, but it is relatively easy compared to sanding and sealing wood products.

Can you incorporate the deck I currently have?

Of course we can. Depending on the age and condition of your current deck we might recommend against that but we work on projects expanding customers existing decks.

What happens to the old decking material?

As part of your quotation we will have the old deck material picked up and disposed of at a wood recycling facility in Ottawa.

Why choose cedar over pressure treated wood decks?

Cedar is a kind of wood that is naturally resistant to moisture and rot. Pressure treated wood is baked with chemicals so that bacteria don’t grow inside the wood. Many customers choose spend a little extra and go with a natural product like cedar. Both are safem, high quality products for our clients to use on their decks.

Do I need to get a deck permit or be inspected?

Yes, most likely your project will require a permit from the City of Ottawa. We will take care of all the paperwork and inspections on your behalf. On the quote we will give you an estimate on the cost associated with deck permits and inspections. For more detailed answer please see the page on permits.

Not sure where to begin?

No problem. Our deck builder is ready and standing by. Let our experience guide you and we happily address questions you might have about the design process or cost of installation. Call us and let’s chat about your dream cedar deck.

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